PADI Open Water Skin Dive

PADI Open Water – DVD

Info. below  is my personal interpretation so please double check with your centre before booking.  


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Equipment preparation

Suiting up

Equipment inspection


Buoyancy/weight check

Surface swim

Surface dives and underwater swimming

Snorkel clear

Underwater exploration


Debrief and log dive


Performance Requirements:

During the Open Water Optional Skin Dive under instructor supervision the student will:

  • Listen to and participate in the briefing and dive planning session for the dive.
  • Prepare and with a buddy don and adjust skin diving equipment with minimal instructor/staff assistance.
  • With a buddy inspect each other’s equipment.
  • Enter the water in the manner determined during the briefing.
  • Adjust the weight so that the student is slightly positively buoyant.
  • Perform a surface swim using skin diving equipment demonstrating proper descent and ascent techniques.
  • Clear water from the snorkel.
  • Exit the water as planned during the briefing.
  • Attend the debriefing.
  • Log the dive for signature.