PADI Open Water Dive 4

PADI Open Water – DVD

Info. below  is my personal interpretation so please double check with your centre before booking.  


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Equipment preparation

Don and adjust equipment

Predive safety check


Buoyancy/weight check

Free descent without reference no deeper than 18 metres/60 feet

Buoyancy control — hovering

Mask removal replacement and clearing

Underwater navigation with compass

Underwater exploration



Debrief and log dive


Performance Requirements:

During Open Water Dive 4 under instructor supervision the student will:

  • Listen to and participate in the briefing and dive planning session for the dive.
  • Prepare and with a buddy don and adjust scuba equipment with minimal instructor/staff assistance.
  • With a buddy perform the predive safety check.
  • Enter the water in the manner determined during the briefing.
  • Adjust the weight so that the student floats at eye level with an empty BCD and holding a normal breath. If this adjustment is made with a full cylinder add enough weight to compensate for air used during the dive (usually about 2 kg/5 lbs).
  • Using the five point method perform a descent with no visual reference to a depth no greater than 18 metres/60 feet.
  • Achieve neutral buoyancy and hover underwater in mid-water using only buoyancy control and without swimming sculling or using fins.
  • Remove replace and clear the mask while underwater.
  • Explore underwater to gain experience.
  • Using the five point method ascend at a rate no faster than 18 metres/60 feet per minute while maintaining buddy contact.
  • Exit the water as determined during dive planning.
  • Attend the instructor’s debriefing.
  • Log the dive for instructor signature.