PADI Open Water Dive 2

PADI Open Water – DVD

Info. below  is my personal interpretation so please double check with your centre before booking.  

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Equipment preparation

Don and adjust equipment

Predive safety check


Buoyancy/weight check

Cramp removal self and buddy

25 metre/yard tired diver tow

Snorkel/regulator exchange

Controlled descent (maximum 12 metres/40 feet)

Buoyancy control — fin pivot low pressure inflator

Partial and complete mask flood and clear

Regulator recovery and clearing

Alternate air source use stationary and

AAS assisted ascent

Underwater exploration and buoyancy control


Weight removal at the surface


Debrief and log dive


Performance Requirements:

During Open Water Dive 2 under instructor supervision the student will:

  • Listen to and participate in the briefing and dive planning session
  • for the dive.
  • Prepare and with a buddy don and adjust scuba equipment with minimal instructor/staff assistance.
  • With a buddy perform the predive safety check.
  • Enter the water in the manner determined during the briefing.
  • Adjust the weight so that the student floats at eye level with an empty BCD and holding a normal breath.
  • Using the five point method descend in a controlled manner using a descent line or sloping bottom contour to provide control and reference to a depth not greater than 12 metres/40 feet.
  • Achieve neutral buoyancy by inflating the BCD (or dry suit if used) with the low pressure inflator.
  • Clear a mask that has been partially flooded.
  • Clear a mask that has been fully flooded.
  • Recover and clear a regulator at depth.
  • In a stationary position secure and breathe from an alternate air source provided by another diver. Students alternate roles as donors and receivers. Ascend properly using an alternate air source as either the donor or receiver and establish positive buoyancy at the surface.
  • Under direct instructor or certified assistant supervision explore underwater to gain experience.
  • Using the five point method ascend at a rate no faster than 18 metres/ 60 feet per minute while maintaining buddy contact.
  • Establish buoyancy at the surface by removing weights at the surface using the quick release mechanism of the weight system.
  • Exit the water as determined during dive planning.
  • Attend the instructor’s debriefing.
  • Log the dive for instructor signature.