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All about diving in Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh, home of Red Sea Diving.

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Dive at Tiran Island

If you are staying in Sharm El Sheikh then Diving off Tiran Island is a must.  If you learn to scuba dive in Sharm, make Tiran Island top of your diving 'to do' list.

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Ras Mohamed Diving

Boat Diving - Ras Mohamed is a fantastic place for a boat dive.  Even learners will enjoy  it but do make sure you are accompanied safely with good dive guides and equipment.

Red Sea Dive Sites

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When you learn to dive you will find that diving schools and often even the individual diving instructors vary a great deal as does the quality of the equipment.  Watch for our recommendations.


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Most of us, when we begin taking diving lessons, soon start to think about having our own diving gear.  Then we realise how expensive buying your own equipment.  Our page Used Diving Equipment should offer an alernative.  See also Diving Cylinders.



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PADI Open Water - DVD

Info. below  is my personal interpretation so please double check with your centre before booking.  

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Scuba unit and weight removal and replacement underwater

Scuba unit and weight removal and replacement at the surface


Performance Requirements:

By the end of this confined water dive the student will be able to:

  • Remove replace adjust and secure the scuba unit on the bottom with minimal assistance in water too deep to stand up in.
  • Remove replace adjust and secure weight belt or weight system on the bottom in water too deep to stand up in. For students using weight integrated BCDs or weight harness systems that require reassembly after weights are removed have the students remove the weights in shallow water while underwater.
  • Remove replace adjust and secure the scuba unit and weights at the surface with minimal assistance in water too deep to stand up in.

Highly Recommended: Why not do your PADI Open Water Course at Aquarius Red Sea Diving

















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