PADI Confined Water Dive 3

PADI Open Water – DVD

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Neutral buoyancy fin pivot oral and low-pressure inflation

Neutral buoyancy swim

Cramp removal

Tired diver tow

Air depletion/alternate air source combined exercise

Free flow regulator breathing

Controlled emergency swimming ascent (CESA)


Performance Requirements:

By the end of this confined water dive the student will be able to:

  • Independently establish neutral buoyancy under water by pivoting on the fin tips or when appropriate another point of contact (both oral and low-pressure inflation).
  • Swim at least 10 metres/yards underwater while maintaining neutral buoyancy.
  • Demonstrate the cramp removal technique.
  • At the surface in water too deep to stand up in perform a tired diver tow for 25 metres/yards.
  • Respond to air depletion by signaling out of air then securing and breathing from an alternate air source supplied by a buddy for at least one minute while swimming underwater.
  • Share air with another diver using an alternate air source acting as a donor. NOTE: Student divers who act as an alternate air source donor in the air depletion exercise or during the Confined Water Dive 1 alternate air source breathing skill have completed this requirement.
  • Breathe effectively from a free-flowing regulator for not less than 30 seconds.
  • Simulate a controlled emergency swimming ascent by swimming horizontally underwater for at least 9 metres/30 feet while continuously exhaling by emitting a continuous aaahhh sound.