PADI Confined Water Dive 2

PADI Open Water – DVD

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Predive safety check

Deep water entry(s)

Snorkel clearing – blast method

Snorkel – regulator exchange


Surface swimming with scuba

Mask removal replacement and clearing

No mask breathing

Disconnect low pressure inflator

BCD oral inflation and deflation at the surface

Proper weighting

Air depletion exercise

Weight removal at the surface (quick release)

Equipment removal at surface and exit


Performance Requirements:

By the end of this confined water dive the student will be able to:

  • Perform the predive safety check.
  • Demonstrate appropriate deep-water entry(s).
  • Clear a snorkel of water by using the blast method and resume breathing through it without lifting the face from the water.
  • Exchange snorkel for regulator and regulator for snorkel repeatedly while at the surface without lifting the face from the water.
  • Swim a distance of at least 50 metres/yards at the surface while wearing scuba and breathing through the snorkel.
  • Demonstrate a descent using the appropriate five step method.
  • Completely remove replace and clear the mask of water while underwater.
  • Breathe underwater for not less than one minute while not wearing a mask.
  • Demonstrate the response to a leaking low pressure inflator by disconnecting the low pressure hose from the inflator mechanism in shallow water (either underwater or at the surface.)
  • At the surface in water too deep to stand in orally inflate a BCD to at least 1/2 full and then fully deflate it.
  • Adjust for proper weighting which is defined as floating at eye level at the surface with an empty BCD and while holding a normal breath.
  • React to air depletion by giving the out-of-air signal in water too deep to stand up in.
  • Demonstrate an ascent using the appropriate five step method.
  • Remove weights at the surface with minimal assistance using the weight system’s quick release mechanism.
  • In water too deep to stand up in remove the weights scuba unit and fins (if necessary) then exit using the most appropriate means. (Buddy assistance may be provided.)