PADI Confined Water Dive 1

PADI Open Water – DVD

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Don and adjust equipment

Inflate/deflate BCD at surface

Breathing underwater

Regulator recovery

Regulator clearing

Clearing a partially flooded mask

Underwater swimming

Submersible pressure gauge use

Alternate air source use

Hand signals



Performance Requirements:

By the end of this confined water dive the student will be able to:

  • Don and adjust mask fins snorkel BCD scuba and weights with the assistance of a buddy instructor or certified assistant.

  • Inflate/deflate a BCD at the surface using the low pressure inflator.

  • In shallow water demonstrate proper compressed-air breathing habits; remembering to breathe naturally and not hold the breath.

  • In shallow water clear a regulator while underwater using both the exhalation and purge-button methods and resume breathing from it.

  • In shallow water recover a regulator hose from behind the shoulder while underwater.

  • In shallow water clear a partially flooded mask while underwater.

  • Swim underwater with scuba equipment while maintaining control of both direction and depth properly equalizing the ears and mask to accommodate depth changes.

  • While underwater locate and read the submersible pressure gauge and signal whether the air supply is adequate or low based on the gauge’s caution zone.

  • In shallow water breathe underwater for at least 30 seconds from an alternate air source supplied by another diver.

  • While underwater recognize and demonstrate standard hand signals.

  • Demonstrate the techniques for a proper ascent.