Diving Ras Mohamed

Diving in Ras Mohamed National Park

It has to be said that Ras Mohamed is one of if not THE best place to dive in the whole world ! Listening to most Egyptian divers the second bests dive sites are quite close to Ras Mohamed! Hurghada Marsa Alam Dahab Nuweiba and Sharm-El-Sheikh are all fabulous places to dive.

Why is Ras Mohamed reputed to be the world’s greatest place to dive?

It’s warm rich waters attract thousands upon thousands of varied species to exquisites coral reefs. Its thriving teeming sea walls and coral terraces are home to some truly awesome sights.

Ras Mohamed has historical wrecks near-by very well preserved and readily accessible.

Although the aesthetics of the diving environment are more than enough to make diving at Ras Mohamed a must not only is it one of the cheapest place to dive worldwide but there are many excellent places to stay in Sharm El Sheikh incredibly cheaply and flights to Egypt  becoming cheaper all the time.

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More about Ras Mohamed

30 km to the South of Sharm El Sheikh Ras Mohamed is at the southernmost part of Sinai. Its extraordinary beauty makes it one  the most interesting site in Sinai. The only National Park in Egypt since 1983 it spanned an area of 97m² later extending to 480km² .

Marine Species

Ras Mohamed is unique in that the salty water from the Gulf of Suez and the less salty water from the far deeper Gulf of Aqaba come together with spectacular results. More than one thousand species of tropical fish and almost two hundred species of corals to say nothing of a vast array of sponges and gorgonians can be found at Ras Mohamed dive sites.


Ras Mohamed national park is densely populated by coral reefs that rival even the coral reefs of Australia in beauty. These corals were formed after a  change in the coastline some 70 000 years ago.