Diving Games

Diving Games

This page is for all you games fans out there that are addicted to dicing.  There aren’t all that many diving games out there but here are a few that I’ve managed to track down.  Just promise me you won’t spend ALL your time on diving games!

Diving Games - Pearl Diving Game

Superb diving game.  Dive for Pearls of the sundrenched beach on a gorgeous tropical island.  As diving games go this is fun.

Diving Game - Deep Sea Diving Game

Another interesting diving game.

Win diving Equipment with this one.

Scuba Quiz

Test your Scuba knowledge with this Scuba Diving Quiz for your chance to win $100.

Endless Ocean  Best of Diving Games

Diving Game - Endless Ocean

Buy this Diving Game £££

Buy this Diving Game $$$

In this Wii Diving Game Endless Ocean you are a scuba diver exploring the fictional Manaurai Sea in search of sea life and sunken treasure. You will also encounter a dolphin that can become a companion on dives. Dangerous creatures such as sharks are around but may pose no threat. By playing this wii diving game you have access to a large aquarium habitat. The diving games are controlled solely using the Wii Remote with the player using an on-screen cursor to guide their diver. Buy Wii.  The game will also feature Wi-Fi play over the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service allowing for several players to dive together.

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