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A diving cylinder also known as a scuba tank or dive tank is used to store and deliver high pressure breathing gas when SCUBA diving (Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus). The cylinder or cylinders (there may be more than one) provides air to the SCUBA diver through the diving regulator. Diving cylinders are usually filled to either 232 bar or 300 bar and have a volume of 3 to 18 litres. Diving cylinders also come in smaller sizes such as 1.5 and 2 litres and although these are frequently not used for breathing they are handy to inflate diving suits & BCDs.

Divers may also use gas cylinders out of the water for administering oxygen as emergency first aid treatment.

The term “diving cylinder” is more likely to be used by manufacturers and support professionals. “Scuba tank” or “diving tank” is more often used colloquially by non-professionals although clearly there are many people searching the net for the phrase “diving cylinder” or “diving cylinders” or you probably wouldn’t have found this page.

Diving Cylinders UK

Faber Diving Cylinders are used worldwide by Scuba Divers who know quality diving equipment.  No other manufacturer in the world can match the capabilities and breadth of the Faber range of Scuba Diving Cylinders. Every year they produce and sell around about 1/6th of the worlds Scuba Diving Cylinders.  Faber Diving Cylinders comply with the most stringent specification. Their Dive Cylinders are manufactured from high quality steel plates to ensure a light tank with the right buoyancy.

About Diving Cylinders from UK Divers.   Know your diving cylinders – a fascinating insight into a key component of diving.

Changes to the inspection of diving cylinders The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is advising owners of diving cylinders to note that from 1 July 2006 the regulations covering the periodic inspection and testing of their cylinders will change. In the future persons conducting cylinder inspections in the UK will be subject to a third party conformity assessment.

Dive Cylinders Worldwide

At present we have no information about dive cylinders in the section.  Please return when when hope to add dive cylinder information for the US and other countries.