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Gay diving in Sharks Bay 2006

This is me the day I passed my Open Water Scuba Certificate.  I’m a big big fan of Egypt Sharm especially and this dive site is dedicated to letting YOU know all about our experience learning to dive in Sharm what we have learned about the importance of finding the right instructor and much more.

We intend to add information on hotels in Sharm and other locations where we have stayed plus how to find cheap flights to Sharm or Luxor how to get the most for your money and much much more!

Samir   dive instructor with SM Divers Sharm El Sheikh

Learning to Dive with SM Divers

Experienced Divers – Book here with SM Divers

When we first learned to dive I wanted English instructors.  I have health issues and despite being a swimming instructor (Swim With Us) I used to be water phobic.  Add to that the fact that I am 55 and I need reassurance that I am safe when I dive.  We learned with an English Instructor for the most part but have since found that there are some excellent Egyptian diving instructors who have very good English and although it is difficult to generalise we find that some have a lot more patience and take a lot more care with their students.  We can recommend Samir at SM Divers.  He is articulate patient and caring plus he is what I call a born teacher with an ability to identify the needs of the student and adapt his teaching methods to suit.


Karen at Aquarius Red Sea Diving

Gay with Karen at Aquarius Red Sea Diving

If you want English Instructors Aquarius Red Sea Diving have more English diving instructors than any other nationality.  Based at the Coral Sea a First Choice hotel they will pick up from many of the hotels in Sharm and give a discount for online bookings.  The only negative we found was when they switched away from Sharks Bay to the Conrad Hotel.  We found the long jetty tiresome and very wobbly for beginners with tanks to negotiate.



Musty at Aquarius Red Sea Diving

Gay with Musty at Aquarius Red Sea Diving

Musty was our first experience of diving with an Egyptian diving instructor.  Like Samir he is extremely articulate very well educated (qualified as a lawyer) and good at dealing with nervous divers or those with illnesses.  I have chronic fatigue syndrome and also suffered badly with vertigo and seasickness even shore diving in a calm sea.  Musty helped me overcome this.